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SUUM/Fact/180 The Strand

LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art

A major group show of immersive art
LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art
Sevcable Port

HYDRA: New Media Art in the Context of Eco-Anxiety

A group show exploring environmental issues through art and science
HYDRA: New Media Art in the Context of Eco-Anxiety
Hyundai Motorstudio

Run Forever

A video artwork visualising hydrogen mobility
Sifang Art Museum

Remixing Dream

Group show
Remixing Dream

➡️ Infinity

An endless video artwork

Transfiguration (2020)

An ever-evolving walking figure

🌱 Nature Always Wins

Our cities, reclaimed by nature


A study of human behaviour on a mass scale

🤸🏽‍♀️ Delightfully Diverse

Dallas, Texas
Joyful digital art for a 32-metre media wall

👌 Walking City

Architecture + evolution + movement

Screens of the Future series

Future display prototypes

🌿 Tetrachromia

Seeing nature through the eyes of a bird
Simon Pyke

Spatial, Ornamental, Tribal, Colossal albums

Simon Pyke's music, curated and visualised
Unit Editions

👀 Friends

2000 unique book covers

👤 Machine Learning

When will machines achieve human agility?

↔ Smart Matter

Futurist film series exploring human-machine collaboration
Jeffrey Brodsky

🦅 I’ll Be Strong

Los Angeles
Visualising nature's struggle through intense weather
La Gaîté Lyrique

🔥 The Transfiguration

An ever-changing organic costume
Hyundai Motor

🏃‍♂️ Hyundai Running Man

Seoul, New York, London
An infinite film loop about evolution, engineering and design


Peak District, UK
A subtle story in a vast landscape

💨 Supreme Believers

A dance performance inside a CGI hurricane
The Science Museum


Motion-captured life-size video artworks